How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddles Rubber With Alcohol

If you want to play table tennis, you must have a good table tennis racket that will give you the possibility to enjoy the game. During the play, your hands will sweat, and oil, debris and other dirt will interfere with dimpled rubber on the racket.

Therefore, the buildup grease and dirt can alter the trajectory of the ball and reduce your possibility of winning. Thus you have to learn how to clean ping pong paddle with an efficiency that it deserves.​

Tools You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • Nylon brush.
  • Soft cloth such as handkerchief.

Step 1:

First, you have to remove all debris from the racket by using a nylon brush. It is essential to do it because that way you will decrease the possibility of any problem that could happen afterward.

Of course, this is the first step that you have to follow because nylon brush will remove the dirt. You have to be aware that you should do it slightly and not too hard because you will scratch rubber on paddle surface.​

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Step 2:

You should put a small amount of alcohol into a soft cloth or handkerchief. We recommend you to avoid using cloth towels and any fiber-like material because fibers can get caught in rubber surface. If you do it without thinking, you can damage your racket.

Therefore, if you are asking yourself how to clean ping pong paddle the first recommendation is to be thorough but without any hard moves.​

You can purchase alcohol in grocery or drug store, but you should choose denatured alcohol because it will reduce the risks that could high-percentage alcohol provide.​

Step 3:

You just have to dab the table tennis racket gently so that you can remove all ground-in-dirt. Do it in circular motions because that way you will reduce the possibility of interfering with the quality of racket.

If you do it too heavy, you will be able to damage rubber coating on the paddle. When your paddle contains damaged rubber, you will not be able to handle the ball with the same efficiency.​

Step 4:

You shouldn’t wipe the paddle after washing because that could also scratch the rubber and material off. Therefore, you should leave it to dry on open air. The time will be wary of how much alcohol you needed to apply to clean the racket thoroughly.

It will last for a few hours, so when you clean rackets have in mind that you have to wait for them to dry entirely. Don’t overdo it and start playing soon afterward because it can be slippery and you will hurt both yourself and another player.​

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Step 5:

The last step on how to clean ping pong paddle comes when your racket is completely dry. We recommend you to protect it with paddle covers between each use. Don’t leave it in open spaces and outside, especially if the weather is humid because that could interfere with its quality.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Paddles?

It is essential to clean your table tennis rackets because that way you will protect and keep the quality of rubber on the paddle. When you have condensed dirt on rubber, you will lose the ability to grip the ball with the same efficiency.

However, some players don't want grip paddle, and that is why they stop cleaning. That helps them reduce the spin which is an excellent technique by defensive players.​

How often should you clean your paddle?

The most important part of your ping pong life is cleaning your accessories. You have to do it because it is mandatory, and you should get to it as often as you can base on the frequency of using. We recommend you to clean paddles after each use because that way you will reduce the possibility of any problem and maintain the paddles to stand the test of time.

In case that you store paddles for a while without playing and using, you should clean it before you start the game. If you have too much dust on your paddle, then it will be more difficult to remove it and clean it afterward.

There are some rules when it comes to cleaning your ping pong paddles. You shouldn’t do it with products that could boost your play because that is like cheating. If you use spin max or WD-40 which will increase spinning of the ball that is not available and accepted in tournament play.​


We have presented you thorough guide and steps that you should follow when it comes to how to clean ping pong paddle. The process is efficient and straightforward, and you will finally understand how to recreate the possibilities that you have to handle after each game.

Keeping your paddles clean will help you secure your gaming methods and to continue improving your game further.​

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