How To Hold A Ping Pong Paddles Correctly | Chinese Style

The table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. The main reason because of that is the fast-pace and constant excitement that players have. Even though, when we see professionals, they play so well that we cannot keep up with the ball. On the other hand, most of them use the similar grip technique. This particular article will show you how to hold ping pong paddle.

Holding pong pong paddle corectly

In the tournament level table tennis, there are two essential grip types

1. Penholder Grip – There are numerous variations of penholder trip, and the main version is the Traditional Chinese Grip, Japanese Grip, and RPB Grip.

2. Shake Hands Grip – Even though there are numerous variations on this particular grip, there are two versions known as Shake hand Deep Grip and Shake hand Shallow Grip​.

Of course, both of them have several variations, which we will present you below.

Besides these two table tennis grip types, there are other less-common grips such as pistol grip, V grip, and See miller grip. Even though they are not so familiar, especially in high-level tournaments, it is still difficult to say which one is the best one.

On the other hand, most people who use penholder grips don’t go to professional tournaments, but still, that is not the advantage. We recommend you to try one of these two grips because that way you will understand which one suits you the most.​

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How to Hold Ping Pong Paddle | Chinese Style

As we all understand, the name says that this grip is similar to holding the pen. You just have to place your index finger and thumb to keep the racket handle, while other three fingers can easily curl around the back.

You can also hold forefinger or thumb in different variations. The idea of the grip is to use the racket with more efficiency and to have a comfortable handling it.​

Holding ping pong paddle with chinese style

There are some variations in how to hold ping pong paddle:

  • You can hold the thumb near parallel with the blade while index finger is here to curve the racket..
  • You can quickly place the varying gap between index finger and thumb.
  • You can put index finger over the thumb so that you can get slightly more power and motion capabilities.
  • Place remaining fingers to touch the blade for additional comfort.
  • You can vary the position of other fingers on the back of the blade. You can place them in the middle of the blade or anywhere along the base where you feel comfortable.

Advantages of using Chinese Style:

  • It is excellent because allows you to move freely and to have more significant motions during the game.
  • It will improve your forehand strokes and other types of serving.
  • You will be able to push quickly and block the backhand of another player.
  • You will be able to make much better crossover point. That is because you can just decide which side of the bat you want to use. It is especially great if you play with all strokes.

Disadvantages of using Chinese Style:

  • Performing consistent backhand topspin with this particular grip is difficult. If you try to do it, you can quickly get hurt because you will have to bend arm unnaturally.
  • The reach will also reduce when it comes to the backhand. For backhand Shake, the hand grip is much more efficient. That is the main reason why most attackers use this particular hold so that they can improve forehand. Forehand demands a lot of stamina and solid footwork.

This particular grip is widely popular among players who prefer more to be closer to the table and to block or push with their backhand. If you enjoy attacking with a forehand or with topspin loops, you will be able to have a much better position to attack and to defeat the opponent.

It is one of the most popular grips among world-class players, but in the recent years, people started developing their grips for a specific style of playing.​

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We have presented you guide how to hold ping pong paddle. There are different types of grips, and most of them are popular because it is more convenient to play with it.

Of course, you can think your way of playing and grip, but it is difficult to synchronize your movements, with opponents and to have a professional feeling of the game.

If you want to learn the professional perspective of this fantastic game, you should check our thorough guide and learn new stuff when it comes to ping pong.

It is widely favorite game in the world, and finally, you will be able to show your friends new technique that you have learned. That way you will be able to trounce them and to show your strength and the strength of grip that you have learned.​

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