Top 5 Best Ping Pong Robot/Machine Used For Practices

Similar to any other hobby, you have to practice to become better and finally perfect. The same things work for table tennis too. However, it is challenging to practice with efficiency. Have you found your way to practice yet? If you haven’t, we are here to present your solution. You just need the best ping pong robot so that you can have a liable partner for playing.

Ping pong robot is a product that will fire tennis balls at random or already programmed frequency so that you can have realistic practice with yourself. It is the first step towards your success in becoming professional. You just have to find the perfect one that will help you get there.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you a thorough guide on how to find the best ping pong robot on the market.​

Comparative Statement on the Best Ping Pong Robot at a Glance

Short Reviews on the Best Ping Pong Robot

1. Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro


  • Ball Return System.
  • Spin Indicator.
  • LCD Touchscreen.
  • 30 Different Settings.
  • Possibility to create custom settings.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Too many unnecessary features.

A great table tennis robot can only help you improve your gameplay. One of the best solutions on the market is Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro. Even though it has a complicated and confusing design, you will be able to use it with simplicity.

You just have to fill the container with balls, select the program you want on the screen in front of you and start playing.

You will get a unique ball return system. It contains net that will catch those balls and return to the container so that you don’t have to return everything later. It is a convenient and time-saving feature and one of the reasons for its popularity.

It also comes with 30 different settings so that you can choose the way you want to play. You can even customize settings to create your rhythm and frequency of playing.

LCD touch screen is a great way to control settings and to create your own with one touch of the button. It will also give you the possibility to scroll through settings and to make your own. The best thing about it is that you will be able to improve your skills because of the spin indicator.

That way you will be able to understand and identify ball spins and learn how to deal with these techniques in the professional match.

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2. Butterfly Amicus Professional


  • Random ball placement.
  • Various combinations of spins.
  • 120 balls per minute.
  • You can play ten saved exercises in sequence.
  • Lightweight and simple to install.


  • Bad user manual.
  • Only for professional players.

If you want to purchase best ping pong robot you should choose this Hungarian product. In the table tennis industry, Butterfly is one of the biggest brands. This particular ping pong robot is simple to install and carry around. You just have to attach it to the end of the table, and you can start playing.

The best thing about it is that you will be able to get 120 balls per minute. You can also choose three heads with different amounts of sidespin, backspin, no spin, and topspin. There is also a possibility to adjust the height of the robot’s head.

For people who demand highest standards of ping pong robots, this is the best product. You can enjoy in 99 spaces for your custom exercises. You can also play ten saved exercises in a sequence which makes it versatile when compared with other robots in the same price range.

You can enjoy in wireless remote control and lightweight design. If you want the extreme spin feature made only for best players, you just have to tap, and in a matter of seconds, it will start. You can add mini USB in case that you want to update software with new exercise and training schedules.

3. HUI PANG-07


  • Easy to install.
  • You will get remote control for wirelessly controlling.
  • You can adjust it in a matter of minutes and according to your needs.
  • It can hold over 100 balls at one time.
  • Perfect for heavy-duty training.
  • You can change ball frequency, speed and time between long and short balls.


  • You have to pick up and return all balls after using it.
  • It does not support global shipping.

In case that you want to purchase high-quality ping pong robot that will stand the test of time, you should choose HUI PANG-07. It is one of the most popular robots in the world because of its simple design and convenience.

You just have to attach the unit to your table, and in a matter of minutes, you will be able to start. You don’t have to worry because you will get consistent shot every single time. The unit comes with a remote control so you can enjoy in wireless controlling from the other side of the table. It is a convenient and perfect way to improve your gameplay.

You can quickly adjust it and move it based on your needs. At the same time, there is a feature where you can change speed, ball frequency and adapt long and short balls. There is also the possibility to adjust it into a random sequence so that you can enjoy in heavy-duty training.

It can hold more than 100 balls at one time, which is an excellent way to improve your training. You don’t have to worry about durability because you have finally found the robot that will stand the test of time.

4. iPong Original


  • Possibility to adjust spin types such as topspin and backspin.
  • You can change frequency of delivery.
  • Casts 12 - 70 balls per minute.
  • Can hold up to 110 balls.
  • Affordable.


  • When frequency is set to maximum, it vibrates.
  • The plastic design is not sturdy and thick enough.

As we can see from its name, this is the original iPong robot. It was released in 2011 and became revolutionary idea with a completely latest style of best ping pong robot.

It contains excellent features that will provide you an immersive training schedule. You can quickly adjust different types of spin such as backspin and topspin. At the same time, it can hold up to 110 balls, which is more than iPong Expert or iPong Mini. The best thing about it is that you can change the frequency of delivery.

This is the perfect training robot in case that you want to practice without a partner. You will be able to assemble it in a matter of seconds. The frequency is between 12 and 70 balls per minute. You will get the controller so that you can adjust spin control and ball frequency without any additional problem.

There are numerous exercises and possibilities. You can choose underspin, topspin, start training like professional and set your own pace. You will get affordable, fun and simple ping pong robot that will provide you the possibility to improve your gameplay and become an expert in no time.​

5. iPong PRO


  • Affordable.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Great backspin.
  • Oscillation possibility.
  • Side to side ball placement.


  • Ping-pong balls are not included.
  • You cannot adjust it to throw balls lower or higher.

iPong PRO is one of the most popular table tennis robots that you can purchase for the decent and affordable price. Even though it is more expensive than iPong Original, you will get additional features and more ability to create better backspin. When we compare designs, you won’t get anything otherwise.

We recommend you to choose iPong pro if you want to become better ping pong player. It is especially great for those who enjoy swapping forward and back between using it. You will get a decent amount of backspin which will increase the perfection. Therefore, this robot is great for average professional players who want to improve groove strokes, light-medium backspin balls.

You cannot adjust iPong PRO to throw balls lower or higher, which is the main downside. You cannot rotate the projection, but it does feature oscillation possibility. It will allow it to vary the side to side placement. At the same time, you will get the possibility to rotate central projection anticlockwise and clockwise while leaving top holder unmoved.

It is lightweight, and you can handle it quickly, but it contains plastic material which is not flexible and thick enough to stand any falling and massive abuse mistake.​

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Ping Pong Robot

Before you decide to purchase best ping pong robot, you have to understand and determine few features and factors so that you can compare different types. If you want to learn how to distinguish them, you should check these features:

Level of Play – The most critical factor when you consider purchasing ping pong robot is what the level of your play and style is. Do you want to practice ball-striking or refine your form? Or maybe you want to practice against something else?

Users – The other consideration factor is how many people will use the robot. It would be for personal use or free for all. You can attach robot to the end of the table, but there are some that are free-standing, and you can move them to enjoy in simple storage.​

Material Construction – It is essential to purchase ping pong robot that will stand the test of time. Therefore, you should use ones that contain materials that will provide it high quality and durable life. The best ones are made of stainless steel, hardwood and other robust and sturdy materials.

Simple to Use – It is essential to find the robot that is simple to use. Find out whether it comes already assembled or you have to do something when you purchase it. You should also find out whether it contains manuals or some kind tutorial.

Playing Mode – If you want to get higher and professional returns, you can easily choose different playing modes. Try to find the ones that synchronize with your ideas of playing and practice.

Price – Finally, it is important how much budget you want to invest so that you can purchase the ping pong robot. It is maybe the most relevant aspect that could determine your purchase. The prices range from fifty to a few thousands of dollars depending on features such as durability and materials. You just have to understand that purchasing ping pong robot is a worthy investment that will help you improve your game style and play.

Benefits of the Best Ping Pong Robot

Ping pong robots are the best way to improve your game and to increase the possibility to become the best. Therefore, we decided to present you all benefits of having ping pong robot:

Train Anytime – Finally you can train anytime and have the convenience of managing and planning your time accordingly. You don’t have to follow the schedule so that you can enjoy training.

Improve Speed – In case that you want to speed your training and exercise your reflexes, you just have to increase the speed so that robot could see fireballs faster. It will improve your game. When you are training with a person, you have to understand that you will be limited with his abilities.

It Contains Great Number of Drills – You can customize your training drills so that you can do more personal training. That way you will improve your stats and become a better player.

It Has A Timer – Each ping pong robot contains a timer that will help you determine the frequency of balls that you can handle in one minute. That way you can keep track on how your training improves over time.

It Has Human-like Variations – You can set random shooting and personalize the training schedule so that you can get more realistic approach when it comes to ping pong robots.

Final Word

We have presented you the thorough guide on how to purchase best ping pong robot on the market. This particular gadget and accessory is the most important thing that you can have as a professional player. Therefore, we recommend you to find the one that will accomplish all your training needs.

Of course, you should choose ping pong robot based on your preferences, style of play and ideas that you want to accomplish. That is the main reason why we wanted to show you the best ones on the market and what you can expect from each one of them.​

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