What Can Ping Pong Bring To You?

Nowadays, sports are necessary for people, we spend so much time sitting in the office, looking at the computer screen for many hours that makes us become slower and weaker. The weaker your health is, the shorter your life is, you should spend 2 hours per day to practice. There are many sports for you to choose, gym, football, badminton, tennis,…. But what happens if you don’t have a good physical basis? In some sports like football, tennis, or even badminton, you have to run to every direction to get the targeted ball, it takes too much of your health, and if you are exhausted too soon, you will walk away and take a rest, and it can just count for 15 minutes practicing/8 hours working per day, not worth.

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This sport can practice many of your attributes, brings more funs, and also improves your physical health gradually. If you are curious, let see what Ping pong can bring to you.


You do know that practicing sports gives you health, it depends on what sport you practice to know how much of your health is improved. Ping pong is a sport can improve your health gradually, even you are a fat boy you can still play it and get fitness day by day. In Ping pong, you and your opponents stand opposite, the table is divided into 2 areas, yours and their area. Players both use the paddle and a small ball made by celluloid, it is very light that even a light hit from your paddle can make it go fast. So when the opponent hit it strongly, or slightly, you have to move quickly to far, or near the table to hit back the ball, gradually, you will adapt soon and your strength will be improved.


As I say, the ball is made by celluloid and the paddle’s surface is made by rubber, so in the game, there are not only straight hits, but also whirling hits. The skill is very simple as watching, just use the paddle to do a parallel hit on the top or the bottom of the ball, the ball will be whirled and when it come to the opponent’s area, the moment it touch the surface of the table, it can jump to any direction based on the physical theories, and only the players can explain that by their experience and adaption, not the outsiders. If you play Ping pong, your reflex will be improved quickly, first from your hands, then your arms, then your eyes, your legs,… your whole body. And if you have a good reflex, it will help you much in your life, may be you can avoid unexpected accidents for example.

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FUN hah, Why not? When I was studying in secondary school, Ping pong was my favorite sport. I really love it, and I tried to make the most of the breaktime and freetime to play it with my friends. At first we were strangers to each others, but thanks to Ping pong that we got together easily. Through games, we had much fun, practiced more our skills, helped the others to improve their skills and also invited many other people in our school to join us. I also played with my dad when he came to pick me up. So can you, if you have stresses or feel bored with your work, just spend 2 hours or less per day to play this sport, you soon get so much fun in your life.


So Ping pong is really a nice sport hah? What do you think? I think you should try it, because our health is very important, and we have to practice everyday to keep our physical health and physical mental well. We are all stucked in business ideas, works, problems with our bosses or firm’s members, so we have to find something to help us let the stresses out. You don’t have good physical health? Your body is fat? You can not run for more than 15 minutes? You want some fun? You want to play a sport that you don’t have to spend so much time per day for it but still get your skills improved? LET PLAY PING PONG!!!

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