What Do You Know About Ping-pong?

Ping-pong is a great sport for all ages, even you are a fat boy, slim boy, old lady, old man you can still play this sport because it is very simple and you can adapt to it quickly after some matches at the beginning. But why it’s so interesting? It just not only a sport, it is a game which can bring to you funs, health, also it can improve your reflex through matches, and if you want to know more about this sport, let’s read.

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What’s ping-pong?

Ping-pong is a sport in which players will have to use their paddles to hit the ball to each other side of area to get the point. Normally, the mini set 3 for clean winning and 6 for whole winning, the big set can reach to 12 for whole winning.

The paddle is cover by a rubber on the surface so it can reduce the friction to the minimum rate when it hit the ball. The ball is made by cenlluloid, it’s very light and easy to whirl, by this feature of the ball, the game is become more fun and interesting.

The benefit of ping-pong

Because ping-pong is a sport so basically it will improve your health, both physical health and mental health. When you play the game you have to use your hand, your hip, your arm to control the force to hit the ball and you do it continuously until you or your opponent lose. You also have to move quickly to every direction of the table to wait in front of the hit because you guess it will be there, but when it accidently turn to the other direction so you have to move fast to that direction to hit back. By that, you can reduce the stresses and also improve your health after each match.

The second benefit that ping-pong give to you is good reflex. As you can see, the ball is made by cenlluloid so it’s very light, using the paddle to whril it is very easy, these skills you can learn by matches or watching on youtube. Then when your opponent whril the ball, you have to guess its direction after it touch the table’s surface. For example, a whriled ball fly up then down on the stright line, but when it touch the table it can jump to left or fight with very fast sudden speed. And when you see that, you have to quickly move your hand, your eyes, your whole body to hit it back to get the point or you will lose. You can also do that skill and confuse your opponent, I bet you will have so much fun if you beat your opponent by a whrilling hit.

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Ping-pong table

What do you know about Ping-pong?

And the final benefit that ping-pong give to you is funs. A sport must have fun so people can enjoy it and consider it as their passion. When I was a secondary student, ping-pong was my favorite sport, I practiced everytime I could, even there was only 10 minutes breaktime, I also invited my friends to play with me because it was really fun, we could reduce the stresses after the class. Now you can too, everyday you stuck in works, stresses with co-workers, bosses, money, family,… and you just sit there and don’t know how to immediately forget them for a moment to let your brain relax. So you need something to do, some sport to play because you sit on the chair for the whole day, it’s not good for your health if you choose game to relax, I recommend you the ping-pong, you play it, you have fun, you feel happy.


In the end, I just want to say, there are many things can bring benefits to us, but you should choose sport, like ping-pong, it’s easy to play, easy to have fun, easy to reduce the stresses and easy to improve your health, SO, LET’S PLAY PING-PONG!

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